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Professional Support for the Mental Health and Well Being of Mother and Baby

CREATE Psychology offers innovative and flexible support for the mental health and well-being of mothers in the Darwin and Palmerston Regional area.

The Perinatal period (from conception to 2 years) is a time of significant adjustment, with many joys along with challenges for new mothers and families. Sadly, many women struggle alone during this time, with anxiety and depression that frequently remains undetected, leading to more prolonged difficulties experienced by mothers, more negative impacts upon the baby and mother’s attachment and bonding and overall family adjustment with a new family member.

CREATE Psychology – Perinatal Care aims to provide support to mothers whom have difficulty accessing support in a more clinical office setting due to experiencing one of number of barriers that may exist around seeking help in the usual way…like transport hassles, juggling the needs of other children and lack of family support to provide care for little ones while mum gets a bit of sanity time and so on.

We know its often very difficult to ask for help during the trying times of motherhood. Our aim is to help make the process of seeking help as easy as possible and less daunting. Our clinicians are dedicated specialists in this area and mothers themselves! We endeavour to reach parents where they are at, and on their level.

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A Happy Mum 🙂

Catherine’s professional & compassionate support has helped me immensely with my postnatal anxiety & depression. Her caring & warm nature made me feel as comfortable as possible during an incredibly difficult time. Seeking help as a new Mum is a hugely difficult task, but Catherine made the process as easy as possible and I was soon looking forward to our sessions. The techniques she has taught me continue to help me recognise the signs of anxiousness, stress and depression. Catherine helped me to understand the reactions I was having, and her strategies assist to keep my head above water, and the sun shining when things start to feel cloudy again.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me to escape from (and feel confident to stay out of) the darkest & most trying time of my life.

Director – Create Psychology

Catherine is a Registered Psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society, as well as mother to three children. Catherine has worked as a Psychologist for 10 years, and has firsthand experience in the ups and downs of motherhood and the difficulties in balancing both work and parenting demands, and the myriad of daily stresses faced by parents today. Catherine has a genuine interest in supporting women in relation to parenting and adjustment to motherhood and aims to embrace a warm, friendly and down-to-earth manner in her work.

Catherine Fleming