How to Access Support…

Referrals are accepted from GPs in the form of a Mental Health Treatment Plan, which is a plan around how to support your mental health needs. A Mental Health Treatment Plan enables you to access a rebate via Medicare for up to 10 sessions with our team. If you would like to obtain a referral, contact your GP and speak to them about your needs to see if you are eligible to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan.


Unfortunately, a Medicare rebate is often only available to clients accessing support via our home-visiting service and not for Skype or phone sessions. Please contact to find out more information to see how we can help in your particular circumstances if need be. If you do not wish to be referred via your GP, you can still access our support, however you won’t be eligible for the Medicare rebate to help with the cost of accessing the service.

For Referring GPs:

Referral letters from GPs must state that the GP recommends an out of office / home visit consult based on the needs (ie barriers to accessing care via other means) of their referred patient; This step ensures Medicare eligibility and therefore access to the Medicare rebate for patients.

GPs may then fax referral letters and copies of the patient’s Mental Health Treatment Plan to us on 08 6477 3607.  

Once referrals are received, referred persons are contacted by us and provided with further info and arrangements made for an initial appointment.