What We Do

What Do We do?

Our team is comprised of Psychologists as well as Mental Health Accredited Social Workers, whom are trained to provide assessment and therapy to clients to help clients better manage a broad range of mental and emotional challenges. When you are engaged in support with our Perinatal team, we aim to ensure that the often anxiety-provoking idea of speaking with a professional is as comfortable  as possible! So many mothers feel isolated in their struggle and question themselves with “Everyone else can cope, so what’s wrong with me?” This is such a common issue so many mother’s face, often hindering them from seeking the help and support that can often make a huge difference. Research shows that without support and treatment, the symptoms of anxiety and depression a new mother experiences often continue over a long period of time (1-2 years frequently) and unfortunately often do not spontaneously resolve on their own. What many people don’t realise, is that often by simply making some basic changes with some experienced and caring professional assistance, most of the time things can greatly improve for mothers and their baby in managing day-to-day life quickly. Furthermore, the tools gained from getting support can be maintained long term to improve not only one’s current circumstances, but often equips a person in managing future challenges that inevitably arise throughout the journey of parenthood.

Our professionals draw on extensive evidence-based training in a range of approaches to help you to identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and take steps to think in a more helpful and self-supportive manner, rather than maintain our more common tendency to be overly self-critical and judgemental towards ourselves. Changing these patterns of thinking leads us towards experiencing reduced depressive and anxiety symptoms and greatly improved capacity to cope with the challenges of new parenthood.